What is happening to hemp legalization?

In 2000 a report by USDA stated that there wasn't any difference in physical appearance between hemp and marijuana. This is one of the main reason why hemp was legislated as illegal to grow in the US. Anyone could grow marijuana between the rows of the hemp plant and no one would recognize. Could it be the case? Maybe, maybe not.

Hemp looks like marijuana but differs in chemical composition. It has lower levels of THC than marijuana thus it cannot give the "feel-high" sensation. However, both plants are classified as a schedule 1 substance and are illegal to grow.

Hemp is a versatile plant. We can make ropes, plastics, animal bedding, clothes, medicines and thousands of other products from it. So why isn't it legal to grow? The only reason is that since both belong to the cannabis family, their physical appearance is the same. The argument is that since it is hard for a drug enforcement agency to distinguish one from the other, people could grow marijuana along with hemp and no one would know. ( but it might not be completely true )

While marijuana has its own advocates fighting to legalize it, for its medicinal properties, the situation for hemp is also getting better.

  • In 2014, President Obama signed a bill that outlined the legal differences between Hemp and Marijuana; which will allow farmers to grow hemp legally.

  • In 2018, the amendment was made to the "farm bill" to remove hemp from DEAs controlled substance. -- The Senate passed this bill with bi-partition agreement. If this bill is signed by the President, it will be legal to grow hemp. Then goods like CBD oil can be legally sold.

Let’s hope that hemp becomes legal. It is a miraculous plant with multiple benefits and multiple uses.

It is currently classified as a schedule I substance and is illegal. Which should not be the case. What do you think?


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