Who is Stemp?

Stemp is rooted in Kathmandu and has branched out all over the world and currently operates out of New York City.

We design and create products that are fashionable and sustainable all while maintaining the highest standards in quality. At Stemp, we 'Care What You Wear'

What do we do?

We make chic clothes from Hemp, an eco-friendly & sustainable plant that is used to create some of the world’s finest products.

At Stemp, we design & make menswear, women'swear and an extended 100% handmade collection designed for consumers that believe the need of sustainability in fashion. 

Who makes your clothes?

At Stemp, 'We Care What You Wear'. Stemp is a vertically integrated company, our designs are creatively and carefully crafted by highly skilled local artisans in Nepal.

Stemp believes in fair trade practices and indiscriminate equality for all and works with women owned business' through our our supply chain.

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How do we give back?

Since the initiation of the company in 2013, Stemp has been working closely with a local orphanage in Kathmandu called Sathya-Uddhyan by mentoring the kids and providing them with clothing and basic necessities. 


Hemp.. what is it?

Hemp, the THC-less cousin to Cannabis, is known to be a farmer's best friend. One of the most versatile crops on earth, Hemp can be processed into fabric, bio fuel, seeds, edible oil, bricks and over 10,000 different products.

Clothes made from Hemp offer a distinct advantage in comfort, style and durability and have many other significant benefits for the environment and the economy.

In Dec 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill allowing farmers in U.S.A to pursue federal hemp cultivation. Hemp is making a come back and together we can reap the benefits of this wonder crop!