10 Reasons To Love Hemp

1. Hemp fabric is in use since the stone ages. Hemp fiber imprints are found in 10,000-year-old Chinese pottery shards.

Also, during the 19th century, hemp fabric was used to make ship-sails as hemp was found to be resistant to salt water.

2 Hemp is used for producing almost 50,000 products, such as textile fibers, biofuels, dietary supplements and even plastics. Yes, even plastics--but biodegradable.

3. Cloths made from hemp last longer than clothes made from other natural fabric. Hemp fibers are stronger and are four times durable and eight times stretchable than cotton.


4. Hemp clothing can absorb moisture up to 30% its weight and dries quickly.

Great for summer and outdoors.

5. 100% hemp is biodegradable and does not easily get damaged by sunlight & UV rays. Some experts even claim that certain hemp fabrics have an Ultraviolet protection factor of 50.

6. Hemp uses water less than cotton to grow. It is resistant to drought and does not need irrigation.

It also needs minimum land to grow, from one acre of land, hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton.

7. Hemp is resistant to bacteria, insects, mould, and mildew. Therefore hemp farming is done without pesticides or fungicides.

8. Hemp plant removes toxins from the soil. It also aerates the soil by absorbing the nutrients into it.

9. Hemp produces four times more paper than redwood trees. This lead to less deforestation and loss of animal habitat.

10. We create a fashionable and eco-friendly hemp product which adds value to your sustainable lifestyle.

That's it our top 10 reasons to love hemp.


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Characteristics of Hemp : Blog written by oecotextiles