Who is Stemp?

We come from a land known to have the friendliest people, tallest mountains and the happiest soul. With our roots from the himalayas in Nepal and our upbringing in the concrete jungle of New York, we want to provide sustainable clothing to the stylish being. This passion led us to quit our monotonous jobs to work towards forming a clothing brand and in the process give hemp an identity. At Stemp, we strive to provide trendy and ready to wear clothing that is sustainable - all the while maintaining the highest standards in quality. At Stemp, we Care What You Wear and care who makes your wear.

What do we do?

We’re into making urban clothing for men and women - entirely with hemp. Hemp is an eco-friendly, organic, and naturally grown crop used to create some of the world’s finest products. We believe it’s high time to make hemp look just as cool as it actually is. Not only do we want to deliver clothes that are stylish and chic, but also ones that are sustainable and durable. Our ready to wear designs are made from hemp and other natural fibers that will add value and style to your suave wardrobe.In doing this, we aim to give back to our community throughout  our supply chain by creating more ethical and sustainable jobs. Our designs are creatively and carefully crafted by highly skilled artisans of Nepal, with inspiration stemming from the streets of Brooklyn with a touch of Kathmandu culture.

Who makes your clothes?

At Stemp, we care your wear, and want you to know who makes your clothes. Stemp stands by equality and stands for maintaining fair trade and are hundred percent sweatshop free. We ensure our supply chain is as pure as it can be. From the initial phase of sourcing our fabrics to the final stages of manufacturing, each step is carefully monitored. All along our supply chain, we constantly look to promote local artists and work with local businesses which hold a true reflection in our products. Most of our sourcing is done either from Nepal or from different parts of the globe. The final products are manufactured in Kathmandu and distributed worldwide. Many of our products are handmade by individuals coming from different cultural backgrounds with a same goal of providing the best quality clothing garments.

How do we give back?

We rise by lifting others. Our efforts to help our community drastically increased after the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015. Our team at Stemp has been involved with a local orphanage by the name ‘Shree Satya Sang- Stepping Stones’ by helping them rebuild their school and by providing financial aid to the orphans that reside there. We have further decided to donate portion of our sales to help the orphanage re-build their school and provide them with better education, living, and health care. To learn more about the orphanage, please visit www.sathyauddhyan.edu.np.

Hemp.. what is it?

Hemp is a wonder crop. The THC less cousin to Cannabis sativa is known to be a farmer's best friend. One of the most versatile crops on earth, hemp can be processed into fabric, biofuel, seeds, edible oil and even bricks. Paper made entirely from hemp pulp could replace the paper industry by saving millions of trees and forests and creating a more durable, sustainable and recyclable paper. Hemp fabrics are known to have been used for clothes and other household items since ancient Egyptian times. We now seek to revive and rejuvenate the hemp culture by bringing back its old glory. Hemp will keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Hence we ask, why not Hemp?

How does Stemp use hemp?

Our designs are inspired by the lifestyle and culture of Brooklyn in fusion with that of Patan. At Stemp, we believe in sustainable fashion-wear. We make sure all our designs were intertwined with hemp and other natural fibers such as Bamboo, Nettle, Cotton and Recycled Fibers. Our ready to wear, eco-friendly clothes will surely make you look stylish and chic. We are designed in Brooklyn, USA and made in Kathmandu, Nepal.